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On the occasion of the 3rd Anniversary of the passing away of Vaclav Havel, H.E. Prof. Dr Godfrey Pirotta, Ambassador of Malta to the Czech Republic and Mr Tonio Casapinta, Honorary Consul General of the Czech Republic in Malta laid flowers at the foot of the Vaclav Havel Memorial at Hastings Garden's in Valletta. In another ceremony the Czech Compatriots Society IN MALTA will also be commemorating this event with an evening vigil next to the Memorial.

Vaclav Havel was the former president of the Czech Republic, a politician, a dissident as well as a playwright, poet and essayist. Havel was the leader of the peaceful Velvet Revolution of 1989 that ended Soviet-style Communism in Czechoslovakia and was appointed the country’s first post-revolutionary Czechoslovak president. After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993, Havel became the first president of the Czech Republic.

Throughout his life and during his presidency, Vaclav Havel was an unyielding advocate for freedom, democracy and human rights. Under the oppression of the Communist regime, Havel established himself as a leading dissident voice and fervently opposed the regime through writing and distributing samizdat, (uncensored, non-conformist literature) and participating in other subversive activities. Despite suffering the consequences of his actions, Havel showed resilience in the face of tyranny and was a source of inspiration for activists in Europe and around the world. During his time as president of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, Havel used his position of power and influence to continue promoting freedom of expression and encouraging peaceful resistance to authoritarianism while upholding individual liberty and dignity.public.


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