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The following e-mail has been sent to all English Language schools in Malta

Dear Sirs,

The news of another young girl (18 years old) going missing in just a week, alerts us to make contact with your school, with a view to exert you to give additional attention to the students coming from the Czech Republic and other East European Countries whilst in Malta for their studies. These happenings also follow another accident when a 17 year old girl of Czech nationality was found lying in a field, with bruises and scratches on her feet and back, unaware of what happened to her overnight.


1. The students DO NOT CARRY their Passport or ID Card with them but are given a photo copy of same instead. This should be left in a safe place either with your administration for safe keeping or else locked in their luggage in the room of residence. One does not need to run around with the Passport or National ID Card in Malta.

2. Student under 18 year of age should NOT be allowed to frequent Bars and Discos unless accompanied by staff members of the school and should not remain out late at night especially in the Paceville area.

3. It is in the interest of the students' safety that those students over 18 years of age are to give notice of their daily whereabouts before leaving their residence.

It is of the utmost importance that should anything happen to the students, the occurrence is reported to the Police immediately without any delay.

Should you require any further assistance from this Consulate, please do not hesitate contacting us (details hereunder) or on 7949 7478 (emergency line)


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