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Manoel Theatre to work closer with Prague National Theatre

The Manoel Theatre has reached an agreement with the Prague National Theatre, which will see the exchange of productions, artists and practices between the two countries with immediate effect. The agreement also includes the organisation of joint activities and the development of a common policy of theatre as a tool of brotherhood between countries.

The agreement was signed in Prague on 18 May between Wilfred Kenely, chairman of the Manoel Theatre Management Committee, and Daniel Dvok, chairman of the Narodni Divadlo, the Prague National Theatre and will pave the way for a number of Czech productions in Malta and also of Maltese productions in Prague. Ms Judie Farrugia, general manager of the Manoel, was also in Prague to discuss the implementation of the agreement terms.

Prior to this agreement, the Narodni Divadlo Ballet had appeared on the Manoel stage last December with a selection of classic and contemporary pieces which had received huge acclaim from the audience and critics.It is envisaged that similar productions will be featuring in the Manoels calendar of events in the forthcoming seasons.

Also as part of the cooperation agreement, the Manoel has proposed a number of Maltese projects to feature in the programme of the Narodni Divadlo for the forthcoming seasons, something which will give local performers another opportunity to export their talent and their work abroad. Asked about the importance of this agreement, Mr Kenely said We have been working on this project for the last eight months and today we are proud to have wrapped it up. This will undoubtedly open up exciting new opportunities for our respective audiences and will serve to overcome linguistic barriers and to the better understanding of our national identities and cultures. Above all it will create another bridge for our talented performers to reach the European audience. I am very happy that we managed to reach this agreement.

Contacts between the two theatres started off on the initiative of Tonio Casapinta, Honorary Consul of Malta to the Czech Republic who had late last year invited to Malta a delegation which included representatives of the Prague National Theatre. The delegation had held talks with the Tourism and Culture Ministry and with the chairman and general manager of the Manoel Theatre.

The Narodni Divadlo, the Prague National Theatre administers three of the most important venues in Prague, which apart from the majestic National Theatre on the bank of the Vltava river, include the Estates Theatre, built in 1783 and in which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had premiered Don Giovanni in 1787.

The National Theatre has three artistic ensembles for Opera, Drama and Ballet and employs more than a thousand people, including artists, musicians, dancers, technicians and administrative staff.


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