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4. Visa for study, employment and other long term visas


All documents must be presented in the original or a notarized copy.
All affidavits and legal documents issued and/or signed in the Czech Republic must be notarized by a Czech notary.
All documents must not be older than 180 days.
The following documents must be submitted:

  1. The application form (available upon request at the Czech Embassy or a consulate)
  2. 2 photographs
  3. Original passport - Its validity must exceed the expected length of stay by at least 455 days.
  4. Document confirming your sufficient financial resources for the stay in the Czech Republic:

 - - bank statement in your name from a bank in the Czech Republic or in the country of your residence, showing present balance
 - - a letter from the host or sponsor confirming support of the applicant during his or her stay in the Czech Republic (in case of a study programme only)

  • The minimum acceptable amount of financial resources - approx. 34.800, - CZK plus 4.640, - CZK for each month of stay.
  • In case of business stay exceeding 90 days: approx 116.000,- USD
  • For juveniles applies half of the above stated amounts.




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